Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pre-loved # 19

Baby GAP Skirt

Size available : 6 - 12months
Condition : Good
Price : RM8.00 - SOLD

Pre-loved # 18

Esprit Hooded Jacket/ Outerwear

Size available : 18 -24months
Condition : Good
Price : RM10.00 - SOLD

Pre-loved # 17

Size available : 18 - 24months
Condition : Excellent (worn once)
Price : RM10.00 - SOLD

GAP Girl Pants 

Pre-loved # 16

Hey folks!..It's been quite sometime right?..Nak buat camno banyak bebenor keje :-)..  Another series of pre-loved items from my children's collection!  Selamat Menjamu Mata semua!!

Baby GUESS Jeans

Jeans ni milik anak perempuanku..Agak faded tapi nampak ranggi bila dipakai..

Size : 18m
Condition : Good
Price : RM10.00 - SOLD

Pre-loved for babies lagi!

Dear friends & families...
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone 
Mudah-mudahan dimaafkan sekiranya ada silap dan salah selama ini..esp bila berceloteh & dealing with all of you my beloved customers! 
Ok..back to business.  I really wish i have more than 24hrs a day and i have more than 2 hands to ensure that i can multi-task(though that's what i'm literally doing right now..).
i've NO time to check out new stock at the moment..probably after this hectic month of Syawal..InsyaAllah!
However, i still have some pre-loved items that i've not uploaded here..Kira ni macam fillers la before new stock comes..hihi..
Anyway..hope you'll like them..ENJOY!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Salam Aidilifitri!

Salam y'all! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my family, my friends and to you readers out there! I'm celebrating raya this year at JB(my hubby's kampung).  Just finished masak ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang, kuah lodeh and my personal favourite ayam masak merah! Yummeh!!.. Yours truly nak ambil kesempatan mintak maaf pada semua sekiranya ada salah & silap, terkasar bahasa sepanjang celoteh2 ku dlm blog ini..
I'll be back home this 3rd raya and hopefully will get some time to update MeLoveBargain with our new stock!..Yippeee! 

Signing off with luv...Yours Truly..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ramadhan & New blog in town!

It has been long since i last updated this blog..I didn't even have the chance to wish all of you "Selamat Berpuasa!"
Setelah 2 minggu berpuasa, Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar for our family(except a few times terlepas bersahur :p)..Sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ni, memang rasa tak menang tangan and i didn't have time at all to update MeLoveBargain.  As soon as reaching home from work, aktiviti masak memasak bermula, then helping out Trisya with her homework(i couldn't remember me doing homework during her age!)..and banyak hokey!..
Next, getting ready for berbuka.. followed by solat maghrib.  Then, buatla apa yang patut..spt kemas rumah, kemas beg anak-anakku..Didn't get to join tarawikh again this year as my son kecik lagi and i don't think he can behave if he tags along..So solat kat rumah sahaja..Bla..bla..bla..sedar2 dah pukul 10 mlm..time for sengkenits to sleep..Around 4.30am bangun balik to prepare sahur..selalunya panaskan aje lauk berbuka or we ate something light or snacks..Then, tak tidor sampai subuh..while waiting for subuh..iron baju utk suami terchenta..then dah bersiap pegi kerja..
Itulah rutin bulan Ramadhan ku..i hope Allah akan memberkati apa yang aku lakukan sepanjang Ramadhan ini..Amiin..
I'll try to update soon..maybe this coming holiday..Tungguuuuuuu.....

Before i forget..i want to announce that i've opened a new blog selling mainly clothing for man & woman, original designer perfumes and Tupperware products.  Jangan lupa support i ok?..Silalah jenguk..just click here and if u like anything just buzz me through email or sms, ok?..

Signing off with love...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-loved Mama #18

Calvin Klein Suede Jacket ~ Dark Green

Size : L
Condition : Good
Price : RM40.00

Pre-loved Mama #17

ARCADIA Pants ~ Pink

Size : M
Condition : Mint
Price : RM10.00

Pre-loved Mama #16

Calvin Klein Jeans Woman Jacket ~ Blue

Size : M
Condition : Good
Price : RM50.00 ~ SOLD

Pre-loved Mama #15

MISS SELFRIDGE Woman Pants ~ Black

Size : 28
Condition : Mint
Price : RM35.00

Pre-loved Mama #14

LEVI'S Woman Jeans ~ Blue(2)

Size : 28w 32L
Condition : Good
Price : RM20.00

Pre-loved Mama #13

LEVI'S Woman Jeans ~ Blue

Size : 28w 31L
Condition : Good
Price : RM40.00

Pre-loved Mama #12

MNG Jeans ~ Blue

Size : 40
Style : Fit Bootcut
Condition : NEW!
Price : RM80.00

Pre-loved Mama #11

SISLEY S/S Shirt ~ Stripes

Size : L
Condition : Good
Price : RM35.00

Pre-loved Mama #10

FOSSIL Woman Leather Suede 2-Tone Belt ~ Purple

Size : M
Condition : New!
Price : RM90.00

Pre-loved Mama #9

PADINI Top ~ Pink

Size : L
Condition : Good
Price : RM25.00

Pre-loved Mama #8

MIKI MOM Maternity Pants ~ Black

This pair of maternity pants is has adjustable waist which is great for your growing tummy.. very comfortable and trendy at the same time. Get it now!

Size : M
Condition : Good
Price : RM35.00 ~ SOLD

Pre-loved Mama #8

MIKI MOM Maternity Top ~ White/Red Stripes

Size : M
Condition : Good
Price : RM20.00 ~ SOLD

Pre-loved Mama #7

MIKI MOM Maternity L/S Top ~ Black

Size : M
Condition : Good
Price : RM30.00